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A very quick, short 2016-2017 update

Been busy.

A very quick, short 2014-2016 update

2014 Very busy. 2015 Mega busy. 2016 Getting busy

The majority of my work has now moved to live events with clients and projects included big and small events for three of the top 5 Pharma companies amongst others. Regular events for SCB. Roadshows and huge global exhibitions. Some motion graphics for various companies, noticeably a couple more for DK. Finally a dozen or so awards shows
Traveling much more, countries visited include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Germany, the USA and Ireland - oh and all of the UK, obviously

2016. So far production work x2. Conferences x2. Big conference in Madrid, small conference in Frankfurt. A presentation for a Professor. 2 cancelled jobs and finally 3 small tidy up jobs. Got some time in May, June is all booked (mega global roadshow) then I'm taking bookings for the rest of the year. Call me +44 7796 694332 or email... or hook up on Linkedin or follow me on instagram ;-)

Please note - 90% of the work I produce is under NDA's sorry to be so vague
Updated 8th April 2016 - Happy birthday to my Cuz, and happy birthday to Freya (0 years old today)

Mary Berry

#whatwouldmarydo VICTORIA SPONGE

Published 2013

Briefed by Dorling Kindersley Publishing to add content about Mary Berrys latest cooking book.
The starting point was the cool intro animations designed and created by mummu. Mary was videoed by the DK marketing team.

DK Glbal 2013

Global Conference: Brighton

Skills / tasks
  • Created the presentations
  • Created video sequences
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2011


I'll be posting more work as soon as I can. Heres a sample of what I hope to be able to show.

Projects include

  • Interactive voting for Crystal Interactive. Three jobs the first two for Pfizer using Windows Tablets. The second for Novo Nordisk this time using Crystals state of the art iPad based system. No design work just on-site delegate support and running some voting systems.
  • Powerpoint troubleshooting and design for Blackberry on behalf of Smyle Creative
  • Website fixing and updates for Fairley Associates
  • 3 Bookfairs (Frankfurt, London and Bologna) and 13 videos for Dorling Kindersley Publishing - oh that's this years videos and doesn't include those created for 2011 and 2010!

Social Networks


The super brief working-life-timeline is as follows:

  • 2001 - Current 12 years freelance: After leaving Definition Digital Media I set up as a sole-trader with the view that I would freelance for a few years to gain experience... ...I'm still freelancing.
    Now have some amazing clients, few from the Definition days, some new and some local
  • 1995 - 2001 5 years full-time: Working initially at Powerhouse Design pretty much straight from art college I went to work creating 35mm slides for Mercury communications amongst other clients. This was right at the start of the digital revolution in Conference presentations - i.e. the birth of PowerPoint and even better the discovery of Macromedia Director as a much more fun authoring environment for cool presentations - hey we could play sound!
  • Birth - Art College Stuff you don't really need to know: Born in Walthamstow, brought up in Chingford (which is not in Essex), moved to Loughton (okay that is in Essex) and eventually went to Art College at the Kent Institute of Art & Design - Maidstone Campus